Tanzania Women and Youth Development Society (TWYDS) is a non- governmental organization founded in 1994 is a nation NGO works in development area of women and youth in economic, Hearth, environment and development activities in Tanzanian marginalized groups like women, children and youth in the country.

TWYDS provides expertise to assist agriculture, natural resources management organization by mainstream gender into their programmes, projects and internal structure.


To prevent women and youth in social economic development and status of vulnerable and disadvantage women, children, youth and men in community settings by providing trainings, awareness advocacy and policy making.


To see a community where vulnerable and disadvantage women, youth and men live positive and sustainable lives and children survive is a right.


Is to reduce morbidity and mortality among vulnerable and disadvantage women, children, youth and men of Tanzania.


  • Empowerment program e.g.  Training, microfinance, social welfare
  • Gender issues
  • Environment issues
  • Hearth of mother and child.


  • Advocacy/sensitization
  • Youth training friendly resource centers
  • Training peer educators
  • Community development
  • Women leadership
  • Water management
  • Agriculture Crop production participating plant breeding
  • Irrigation.


  • Women
  • Children and youth
  • Community Based organization
  • Traditional/Religion, Community development Association
  • Policy makers, local states and the national level.

TWYDS builds the leadership of women, youth and men in agriculture and natural resources for gender equality. To increase the responsiveness of national Rural women lead to increase the responsiveness of national policies program and institutions to the need and potential of rural women producers and laborers.


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