As many students are orphans or vulnerable children who cannot afford to pay the modest fees, TWYDS  waived these fees for a large percentage of the student body at the start of the program. Since project start-up, acting to address the root problem of poverty that prevented the paying of said fees, TWYDS  has conducted entrepreneurial trainings and helped the caregivers of many of the student orphans to start businesses. As a result of the entrepreneurial initiatives of these women, 75 % of the currently enrolled class can afford to pay the fees of $4 per month. The school, therefore, serves not only as a safe environment in which dozens of children have started their education, but also as one of many incentives for local women to ensure they earn a sustainable income.

We have advertized the  TWYDS Nursery school on so that we may have Volunteers who are interested in Teaching English to our children . Three volunteers from USA have responded positively and time next year they will be coming to volunteers to our Children Center in Mbeya.





Coca Cola Tanzania support women

Coca Cola Tanzania support women